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We are now partnered with ABCA and teamed up Klein Collins coaching staff.

Chase Lambin
→ Professional Hitting and Fielding Instructor
→ 13 years of professional playing experience (Mets, Marlins, Nationals, Twins, Royals and Skeeters)
→ Over 4200 pro at‐bats, over 1100 hits and over 120 HR’s
→ All Star at every Minor League level
→ Named MVP of Triple‐A All Star game (2010)
→ Played entire season for Bobby Valentine in Japan

“There is an invisible battle going on during every at‐bat. You are either the hunter…or the hunted. You are either the Tiger…or the Rabbit.

Mentality and conviction is everything in this game.” “There are two things that take NO talent, and will instantly make you a better ball player…EFFORT and ATTITUDE!

If you give great effort, and have a great attitude every single day…you CANNOT fail.”

“Work Hard…Have Fun…Respect the Game!!!”


Carlos Munoz
Carlos Muñoz began as a bullpen catcher for the club for the 2014 season. In his current role, Muñoz throws batting practice, catches pregame bullpen sessions and warms up pitchers during games. He also assists the Astros coaching staff with pregame activities. Muñoz originally joined the Astros organization in 2005 as an associate scout and would later assist the staff as a batting practice pitcher in 2009. In 2010, Muñoz attended Major League Baseball's Scouting Bureau School in Boca Chica, D.R. He joined the Major League staff in 2013 in his current role.


Justin Thompson
MLB Veteran and former Pitching Coach, TX Rangers.